At the Coop Symphonique in Montreal

Self-expression with a song

Discovering and playing with our voice is so much fun, even more when we use it to express our emotions through songs we love in a safe and relaxed environment. With the help of vocal exercises especially made for them and short meditations, your child will enjoy singing pop and classical songs accompanied at the piano by their teacher. This will develop their pitch, rhythm and most of all their self confidence.  

Born an introverted child,  I truly understand how liberating it can be to quiet the mind for the duration of a song to let the heart sing.

Face of a Child singing with a microphone
Music expresses that which cannot be put into words.” - Victor Hugo

In our 1:1 singing lessons you can expect your child to:  

  • Learn the basics of singing (Pitch, rhythm...)  
  • Acquire a solid and healthy vocal technique (Breath, resonance, support...)  
  • Learn the basics of musical theory 
  • Explore the wonders of their imagination and emotions for song interpretation 
  • Sing songs adapted to their skills and level with piano accompaniment by the teacher 
  • Be introduced to short meditations for relaxation and to boost their concentration and self confidence  


Who benefits from the singing lessons?  

  • Children who love to sing and wants to acquire a healthy vocal technique 
  • Kids who struggle with timidity and learn best in a safe and non-judgmental environment   
  • Young people with minor anxiety looking for a relaxing creative activity 
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*Please note that the voice lessons are designed for children with minor anxiety disorder and do not replace medical treatment or specialized musical therapy.