At the Coop Symphonique in Montreal

Connect with your true voice

Directly linked to our breath, we use our voice to communicate our thoughts and to express what we feel in our heart. Learning to love and connect with our voice involves getting in touch with our emotions and understanding a little bit more about ourselves.  

While people often think of their voice as singular and unchanging, my goal is to help you explore the different colours of your voice and develop a more versatile instrument for personal expression.

Woman standing close to a vocal microphone in a relaxing state with earphones on her ears.
"The voice is a mirror of our inner being. When you sing, you feel very exposed. You feel like you can’t hide anything. But then it also works the other way round and, when we work on our voice, our inner being also changes." ” - Deva Premal

In our 1:1 singing session you can expect to:    

  • Learn the basics of singing (Pitch, rhythm...) 
  • Acquire a solid and healthy vocal technique (Breath, resonance, support...) 
  • Explore the wonders of your imagination and emotions for song interpretation 
  • To perform songs you love with piano accompaniment by the teacher which will increase your technique and your self confidence 


You’ll benefit from these singing lessons if you are: 

  • A beginner that wants to develop a good vocal singing technique 
  • Shy and sensitive and learn best in a safe and non judgmental environment  
  • Struggling with minor anxiety and want to clear your mind with a relaxing activity   
  •  A meditation lover who wants to add creativity to your relaxation sessions  
  • Someone who wants to sing in as stress free creative atmosphere

What the students are saying:

"I have taken vocal lessons with Anic for several years and  everytime I was in that "Feels like home" state because I knew I could finally be myself. With her genuine smile and kindness, she easily made me feel welcome. I found that the singing lessons could not only improve my singing but also bring me a comforting feeling.  The breathing exercices, vocals and music made me feel calm and self confident. For a short time, I was forgetting all about my worrys and enjoying the present moment. My voice really improved as well as my breath and grounding"

Roxane Carrier-Gonthier (Freelance artist)

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*Please note that the singing lessons are designed for people with minor anxiety disorder and do not replace medical treatment or specialized musical therapy.