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Meditating with a piano

Learning a new musical instrument is like meditating. As you play, you feel nothing else but the resonance vibrating through your body. The mind stops and the heart speaks.  

The healing benefits of music are powerful. In the many years that I've been teaching music, I've seen adults of all ages connect with their sensitivity, release energetic blockages, and accept their true self. 

Stress and anxiety are often the result of a quiet inner child that wants to express themself but feels blocked. In the safe, non-judgmental environment I provide, your long time forgotten inner artist will feel free to speak and reveal to you wonderful secrets to make you live a healthier and happier life.

A hand playing piano in a soft light
The music is not in the notes, but in the silence in between” - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

In our 1:1 piano session you can expect to:  

  • Acquire a good piano technique to play easily and effortlessly
  • Play pop and/or classical songs adapted to your skills and level 
  • Explore the wonders of your imagination and emotions for song interpretation
  • Practice short meditation exercises to soothe your mind and increase your concentration


You’ll benefit from these piano lessons if you are: 

  • A beginner that wants to learn the basics of piano
  • Shy and sensitive and learn best in a safe and non judgmental environment
  • Struggling with minor anxiety and want to clear your mind with a relaxing activity  
  • A meditation lover who wants to add creativity to your relaxation sessions
  • Someone who wants to play piano in as stress free creative atmosphere

"While I was going through difficult times as a natural caregiver for my spouse with Alzheimer's, I looked for a piano teacher. I hadn't played for almost 50 years. In less than a year, Anic not only taught me all the technical aspects, including music theory, but above all, thanks to his love for music, I discovered how essential music is to finding inner peace. despite great stress. »

Philippe Suys 

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* Please note that the piano lessons are designed for adults with minor anxiety disorder and do not replace medical treatment or specialized music therapy.